COVID-19 Washington County Community Crowdsourcing

Working together to be united, informed, and resourceful. A community crowdsourcing page to help every day people find information and resources to better deal with the Covid-19 pandemic. New resources added daily. Help provide resources or make requests via 211: Visit website, call 211 or 1 (866) 698-6155, or… Read More

St Patrick's Day Parade

St Patrick’s Day Parade Signup

The Murphy’s Furniture Family has been involved in presenting the community’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade since its inception in 1979. The parade is a symbol of hope brought with Spring. This year, the parade is also a symbol of hope for REAL CHANGE in Washington County. The Vote Red Wortham… Read More

Your Sheriff’s Office Patrol, Investigations, and Decision Makers are 89% White & 94% Male

Washington County Sheriff’s Office employs more than 430 uniformed deputies. These deputies serve the public in our county providing law enforcement in rural and urban unincorporated neighborhoods. They also provide civil service and staff a 572 bed jail to house offenders from the entire county. These deputies are responsible for… Read More

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