Your Sheriff’s Office Patrol, Investigations, and Decision Makers are 89% White & 94% Male

Washington County Sheriff’s Office employs more than 430 uniformed deputies. These deputies serve the public in our county providing law enforcement in rural and urban unincorporated neighborhoods. They also provide civil service and staff a 572 bed jail to house offenders from the entire county. These deputies are responsible for… Read More

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Garbage In, Garbage Out

Garbage In Garbage Out: Collecting Data on Race

It is insufficient for our government leaders to only proclaim a commitment and active practice of diversity, equity, and inclusion within the public offices of Washington County. The policy decisions of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office have a huge impact on safety, security, and livability for every person in our… Read More

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Racial Profiling

Is Washington County Biased?

Mixed results show Washington County Deputies may have bias with Hispanic persons In 2017, Oregon passed a law requiring all law enforcement agencies to collect and provide data about the people they stop. These stops are limited to those where an officer makes the decision to stop. In other words,… Read More

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Rainbow Flag

Washington County Pride Month

Supporting and acting as allies for all of our friends, neighbors, coworkers, family, and communities is part of what makes living in Washington County so desirable. There are several surveys that show Washington County as one of the most diverse, if not the most diverse, county in Oregon. It is… Read More

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