Jail Costs

A Cycle of Increasing Burdens

A sheriff’s office differs from a city police department in many ways. The most important of those is that the sheriff is elected directly by the people and answers directly to the people. The sheriff is required to oversee the county and provide a wide array of services. Oregon law… Read More

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Washington County Sheriffs

Election Integrity in Washington County

Washington County has been growing and developing for over 175 years. Owned by the Atfalati band of Kalapuya peoples, settlers and missionaries began populating the Tualatin Valley in the 1840s. In 1843, the county was one of the four counties formed, taking the name Twality District. In the same year,… Read More

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Forced Early Release: Offenders

The Truth About the Washington County Jail Expansion

My opponent recently published an article explaining why he did not fulfill his 2011 campaign promise to expand the jail and why he is now planning to have a voter obligation bond to expand in the coming years. Expanding the county jail has been necessary since well before 2011. Our… Read More

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Cup of Daisies

The Paradox We Expect of Our Protectors

In a time of frequent controversial police shootings, I’d like to discuss why it is sometimes, unfortunately, necessary for law enforcement to use their weapons. Imagine preparing for the possibility that someone will try to intentionally harm you each day when you do your job. Even if that likelihood is… Read More

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Red Wortham with Street Roots Vendor

Homelessness and Your Sheriff’s Office

Washington County is exploding in population. We have all seen whole new neighborhoods popping up around us in recent years. The 2015 census data on population growth rated our county as the 3rd fastest growing county in the state. With our estimated population over 600,000, it is critical that our… Read More

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Did you know…….?

……that the current sheriff is allowed to wear his uniform while campaigning, while challengers on the ballot, like myself are not? Did you know that the current sheriff can use pictures of himself in uniform for his campaign, while I cannot? There are laws, and for good reason, against public… Read More

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Budget Hearing Testimony

Washington County Budget Hearing Testimony

Good morning commissioners. My name is Red Wortham. Thank you for this brief opportunity to be heard on a critical public safety problem. The sheriff told you in the last budget hearing that jail staffing is a big problem that he is concerned about. He shared steps taken to mitigate… Read More

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