St Patrick's Day Parade

St Patrick’s Day Parade Signup

The Murphy’s Furniture Family has been involved in presenting the community’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade since its inception in 1979. The parade is a symbol of hope brought with Spring. This year, the parade is also a symbol of hope for REAL CHANGE in Washington County. The Vote Red Wortham… Read More

Your Sheriff’s Office Patrol, Investigations, and Decision Makers are 89% White & 94% Male

Washington County Sheriff’s Office employs more than 430 uniformed deputies. These deputies serve the public in our county providing law enforcement in rural and urban unincorporated neighborhoods. They also provide civil service and staff a 572 bed jail to house offenders from the entire county. These deputies are responsible for… Read More

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Red Wortham with Street Roots Vendor

A Promise to the People

I am running for the office of Washington County Sheriff in the May 19, 2020 election. This is the first time in far too long you have had a choice on the ballot for county sheriff. Historically, your sheriffs have used a tactic of quietly passing the office to a… Read More

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Jail Costs

A Cycle of Increasing Burdens

A sheriff’s office differs from a city police department in many ways. The most important of those is that the sheriff is elected directly by the people and answers directly to the people. The sheriff is required to oversee the county and provide a wide array of services. Oregon law… Read More

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Washington County Sheriffs

Election Integrity in Washington County

Washington County has been growing and developing for over 175 years. Owned by the Atfalati band of Kalapuya peoples, settlers and missionaries began populating the Tualatin Valley in the 1840s. In 1843, the county was one of the four counties formed, taking the name Twality District. In the same year,… Read More

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Did you know…….?

……that the current sheriff is allowed to wear his uniform while campaigning, while challengers on the ballot, like myself are not? Did you know that the current sheriff can use pictures of himself in uniform for his campaign, while I cannot? There are laws, and for good reason, against public… Read More

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Avamarie Alaban Cowles

About Our Campaign Manager

Meet Avamarie Alaban Cowles I was born in Leyte, Philippines. My father, a Vietnam Veteran, met my mother while living in the Philippines as a Christian missionary. My family and I settled in Oregon over 25 years ago after traveling all over the west coast doing missionary work. Volunteering has… Read More

My Priorities

Select Priority Topics below to learn more about what Red Wortham stands for and commits to as your next sheriff. “When you expand your ability to see, you understand that there are a lot of false choices being offered.” ~ Kamala Harris