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Avamarie Alaban Cowles
Avamarie Alaban Cowles

I was born in Leyte, Philippines. My father, a Vietnam Veteran, met my mother while living in the Philippines as a Christian missionary. My family and I settled in Oregon over 25 years ago after traveling all over the west coast doing missionary work.

Avamarie Alaban Cowles
This is just one of the hundreds of nursing homes we visited as a family I’m the one singing second to the left.

Volunteering has always been a big part of my life, from a very young age my family and I would volunteer in nursing homes, convalescent homes, and children’s hospitals.

Though my Myers-Briggs would tell you I’m very much an introvert, immersing myself in volunteer work helped open doors to experiences and friendships I never would have made under the shade of my comfort zone.

Avamarie Alaban Cowles
Magician’s assistant, unfortunately I did not make a career out of this!

My work ethic was instilled upon me at an early age. My parents were very hard-working people, we were always staying busy.

My older sister, Anaik, trained me in my first high school job. Her words, “Avamarie, there is always something to do to stay busy.” This philosophy has stayed with me all my life. I always have to be involved in some kind of project, though my husband will tell you I tend to overextend myself at times.

Avamarie Alaban Cowles
Breaking glass ceilings like a boss!

During the day I am an Associate Business Operations Manager for a cybersecurity company in Beaverton. In my off-hours I am a co-owner of a residential construction company–Cowles Custom Remodel, a mother, and I’m ramping up to get my LSA pilot’s license.

I earned my BA degree at George Fox University where I graduated cum laude majoring in Management & Organizational Leadership with a minor in Technology management (I was the only female in my tech classes). When I approach a task and hear “Not a lot of women do this”, I take that as an acceptable challenge.

Avamarie Alaban Cowles
My husband and our son, Emerson.

I’ve been with my husband, Dohn, for 10 years. He’s encouraged me to always strive for greatness. I am forever in awe of his acts of selflessness for his family. He and my infant son are my whole world.

As a former Diversity & Inclusion Ambassador for McAfee in Hillsboro, I became passionate about bringing people together to build a sense of community. We need someone running the Sheriff’s department with this same mindset.

Law enforcement officers spend most of their time interacting with people in our community; they need to be able to navigate around situations and conversations involving people of different cultural and social backgrounds.

When we have a police force that is rich in diversity – reflecting the community they serve, they are more likely to garner trust among their citizens. This enables the department to more effectively fulfill their mission to solve problems within the community.

Avamarie Alaban Cowles
This was our 2nd year of introducing the world of cyber security & STEM to underprivileged youths getting ready to enter college and deciding on a field of study!

I was honored when Red asked me to be her campaign manager. I believe you should always surround yourself with people who give you the concrete benchmarks to achieve greatness.

Red is the kind of person who unknowingly challenges you to be a better person. These are traits that I was fortunate enough to find in my husband and in his sister, Red Wortham. If there was anyone I believed would make a difference in the community and in the Sheriff’s department’s culture, it would be Red Wortham.

The Sheriff’s department needs a change and a shift in mindset. If you’ve attended any of their public discrimination hearings, which I have, you would be witness to the misconduct that has unfortunately become a well-known brand for the Sheriff’s department.

The Washington County Sheriff’s department over the years has lost its credibility with the community. It is time to win back the trust of our citizens; end the patriarchy, enforce a culture of accountability and inclusion!

Thank you for reading,
Avamarie Alaban Cowles
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