Political campaigns, as they should be, are the presentation of the values and priorities of our candidates and the ability of every voter to make a decision about who will best serve their shared values and best serve the community in a position of leadership. I find myself now responding to “mudslinging” as my opponent has made and implied allegations against me which he absolutely knows to be false.

What is your response to allegations that you have lied and are on the “Brady list”?

This has been misrepresented and is inaccurate. Sheriff Garrett notified the DA he was investigating me for an allegation of untruthfulness and then, after rigorous investigations, followed up that I was not found to have been untruthful. (see email here)

What happened?

I achieved success in my career right up until 2015 when I applied and excelled in the lieutenant promotion panel. When I was ranked #1 on the Lieutenant promotion list with 2 openings to be filled in the coming months, I suddenly found myself mired in accusations of wrongdoing for the first time in my career.

Though I know I am not perfect, I have worked hard my entire life despite many obstacles encountered. My integrity and ethics are my most treasured asset along side my undying work ethic. In my career, I have never committed a crime and never intentionally committed a violation. I also very much support the idea and practice that if anybody is concerned about something, even seemingly minor, a report should be made and an investigation completed. This is the only way to ensure accountability and compliance.

While I defended myself against these allegations, I was passed over for promotion outside the procedure set by county policy for promotional process. Instead 2 men below me on the list were promoted. The named commander had his ideal team in mind and did not want to have to promote me into one of the positions. In response to a complaint I filed, the sheriff’s office wrote that the commander had recommended two men below me on the list for promotion. It was that same commander who initiated a second investigation against me during that time.

A clear intent:

When I was first advised of an investigation, I felt confident all evidence would be evaluated and a fair finding reached. I was still idealistic about the integrity of all investigators and their quest to find the facts to further fair and equitable accountability. Sadly, I learned this is not always the case. While defending myself against these allegations, I did not have all of the information I now know to have occurred.

However, I learned in this case, this investigator sought only to find evidence of guilt for anything possible and was willing to go to any lengths to have charges filed against me. Specifically, the criminal report written by the Marion County investigator contained 72 separate and distinct false claims, demonstrating misuse of his authority in an attempt to build probable cause where none existed. Each of those instances is directly refuted in the transcribed and recorded interviews he conducted himself.

The report he submitted to the Washington County District Attorney’s Office and Sheriff’s Office were the basis for serious criminal allegations and then internal violation against which I was left to single-handedly defend myself. These deliberate misrepresented and mischaracterized witness statements range from small to central to the accusations.

Just a few examples of 72 inaccuracies contained in this inexplicable criminal report are:

    1. Alleging I witnessed the theft in Target and failed to act before she left the store, constituting Official Misconduct when all interviews and evidence were clear I did not even suspect it until at the vehicle and then was still a little uncertain. The allegation that I stated in any interview that I witnessed the theft or was aware of items hidden under her belongings or that dad stated such in his interview is completely false. That does not exist in any of our interviews. My text messages at the time, which he had copies of, clearly indicate I suspected it at the vehicle after leaving the store.
    2. Alleging that FOUR separate witnesses who are not related to each other and, of which two were NOT in the courtroom at the time of the topic all stated the judge said the same thing, which in fact the judge never said. In the two interviews the investigator recorded, the named witnesses said no such thing. In one he did not record (the DHS worker), she was never in the courtroom as she was a witness waiting in the lobby and was released without testimony. The 4th witness, who also was not recorded, did not arrive until after the topic was discussed for which I have text messages from her telling me she is running late and indicating the time when she texts, “I’m here.” Again, I had to purchase my own evidence to clear this. I purchased the court audio records, which show I personally never addressed the court except in a break to ask if I could excuse witnesses, although the investigator often says I did in his report. It shows the statement the investigator reports FOUR witnesses all said was never said by the judge. I also have the text messages showing time of arrival of one witness falling after the below portion. The audio also supports that the remaining witness was not in the courtroom when you hear me ask if I can excuse her and then hear me open the court door to exit and do so. The investigator reported all 4 witnesses independently said myself or dad told the judge about the theft incident, explaining why mom should not have “more” parenting time. He reported they all said the judge asked if it had been investigated by the police and then replied he did not want to hear another thing about it until it was investigated by the police. The judge’s entire dialogue concerning the matter is pictured below, and is not consistent with what the investigator reported all 4 witnesses said. He recommended a felony charge of coercion against me.
    3. The investigator made up a story in his head and then falsely wrote FOUR witnesses all said his story line. The investigator submitted this official criminal report and testified to a grand jury the “facts” in his report to support attempts to charge me with felony charges to include coercion, kidnapping, theft, and official misconduct.

    4. Alleging he called me on 2 dates and left several voice mails before I called him back. My phone records clearly show NO calls from him that entire month, excepting a single call from him on the date and time he says I returned his call. He called me once, I answered. It makes no sense whatsoever to include this easily refuted false statement but to imply I was avoiding contact. Though small, it is one of 72 complete fabrications in his report which has been used against me criminally and internally as well as continues to be referenced as “investigative material” in releases about the incident.

I have been cleared of all criminal investigations and many of the policy violation investigations. I have been found guilty of some policy violations based on generalized findings of conduct that could have brought discredit to the office and subjective findings of violations of the intent of some policies. I accepted most of these finding because I believe in sworn officers being held to a high standard regardless of good intentions. Following resolution of all investigations, I returned to work in my same rank and position.

But what I learned during and after these investigations, changed me forever. I now understand first hand the absolute importance and responsibility of complete, unbiased, and ethical investigations with no regard for the preconceived notions and biases of those conducting the investigations! Investigators are the stewards of justice and should never abuse that power.

I learned individuals in the sheriff’s office had preconceived notions about my intentions and acted to heavily influence the investigators to include making blatantly false accusations. In turn, the investigator wrote a criminal report to recommend charges that was largely his own opinion and contained dozens and dozens of absolute fabrications. I had to discover and obtain (purchase) all exculpatory facts and evidence myself.


Thank you for reading,
Red Wortham
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