Meet Red Wortham

Red Wortham

Growing up with economic challenges and working class values, I understand how quickly obstacles and inequities can get in the way of the path to family and career goals. I am committed to removing barriers and improving quality of life through humanity-based systems and policy development.

I came to Oregon as an infant and have lived in Washington County nearly 30 years where I’m currently raising three daughters and helping raise a former foster daughter and her sister. I graduated from Pacific University with a degree in Social Work and Psychology. I worked as a social worker and in drug treatment in our county before I traveled as a military spouse for several years. I was excited to return to Washington County where we enjoy the many benefits of living in a robust and diverse community.

I worked in Washington County public safety for the last 18 years. I started at the work release center for nearly two years before transferring to the Sheriff’s Office where I continued reaching out for more responsibility. I am passionate about my career, my family, and my community.

Among my achievements:

I was top of my class at Oregon’s Department of Public Safety Standards and Training program, earning the academic award and serving on the Honor Guard. My graduating class further honored me with the privilege to be their class leader.

Women in Policing
That’s me, 4th from the left, standing with other academy graduates, proud & excited to be starting our new careers!

I was on the Hostage Negotiation Team for four years, assigned as the primary negotiator.

I became an Oregon Jail Inspector with the Oregon State Sheriff’s Association. As an inspector, I helped ensure that jails across the state operate in humane and legal ways.

I was certified through the Department of Justice as a PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act) auditor for prisons and jails across the nation, protecting the sexual safety of inmates and staff.

I partner with The Restorative Justice Coalition of Oregon in exploring standards for restorative justice practices in Oregon.

I attended the Oregon Executive Development Institute, completing training for executive management of law enforcement officers.

At the Sheriff’s Office I demonstrate my passion:

I put into place countless procedures and improvements for better service and efficiency.

I advocate at the state and county level to encourage the current inefficient spending of taxpayer dollars be better allocated to meet more thoughtful priorities.

I support co-workers who are facing discrimination or harassment on the job or who are looking for opportunities to grow. I have personally experienced the difficulties that our most diverse and well qualified employees have encountered in a long standing culture rife with cronyism and nepotism. I advocate for equitable treatment of all.

I’ve worked to make the Washington County Sheriff’s Office a just and humane law enforcement agency.

I am well qualified to lead your Sheriff’s Office!

Family is important to me:

I have been a single working mother of three for 18 years, precariously balancing work demands with family responsibilities. I also foster parented an infant born drug addicted in our community. I know what it means to be raising a family while working a demanding job serving the community. My siblings and extended family all live, work, and play in the Washington County area.

Raven Graduation
My Amazing Girls!

My daughters also enjoy the safety, diversity, and opportunity in our community. Two completed the dual language program in the Hillsboro School District. One earned a valedictorian award.

One daughter completed her International Baccalaureate Diploma, a very tough high school program for motivated students. Another earned her Associates degree at Portland Community College while working part-time and has gone on to work toward completing a program in her chosen trade. Two entered local universities where they are working toward advanced degrees. All three participated in community and state programs that have allowed them opportunities to earn reduced tuition and other educational opportunities, including Oregon Promise and Portland State University programs.

Raising a family is a lot of responsibility. It takes hard work, strong ties, and financial savvy. I know what it means to be responsible for a family with a lot of financial demands. I bring to the table, in addition to my excellent professional training and experiences, sharp money management skills that balance a complexity of demands with responsible spending based on a budget set by priorities that will do the most good for everyone.

Paying it forward:

Family Photo Op
It’s all about family and community!

I continue to volunteer in the Hillsboro School District as I have for the past 17 years where I fundraised as much as $20,000 in a single year.

I work together with our community partners, including the Fair Board, Air Show, HOPS, Timbers, and Moda Center. This allows me to lead fundraising efforts for several of our programs for youth.

I served on many community boards helping to develop policies and procedures for organizations in Washington County.

I know what good policing looks like:

Washington County Sheriff’s Office is the only law enforcement agency I have ever applied for. Sixteen years ago, when I applied, it was the leading law enforcement agency in the state, and I was proud to become a part of such a respected team that worked toward goals I could believe in.

They demonstrated solid training, elite personnel, and ethical and humanity-based values and expectations. Sadly, this is no longer the case. We are plagued with problems of recruiting new staff and retaining those we have. Job morale is at an all-time low. Our force does not reflect the community it serves.

Our tax dollars must be spent as wisely as we spend our own money. The Washington County Sheriff’s Office needs to spend more responsibly to meet its goals without the extensive waste and misplaced priorities it currently employs.

It is time for your sheriff’s office to meet and surpass those high standards again!

It is my honor to ask you to vote for me as your county Sheriff!

If elected, I will prioritize spending to benefit the people of this county and foster a work culture where diverse, skilled employees are proud to serve the citizens of Washington County. I’ll work to build an agency whose goals and values will reflect the needs and realities of our communities. I will ensure our systems are built to help people resolve difficulties. It is time to return us to the respected leaders in law enforcement we once were. It is time our sheriff’s office staff grew and diversified as much as our community has!

Our families deserve safety and opportunity! Our children deserve safe parks, schools, and neighborhoods.

Our leaders must demonstrate integrity, honesty, and be accountable to the people they serve. You deserve the whole truth about how your sheriff’s office is performing for you.

Vote Red Wortham for Washington County Sheriff in May 2020!

Thank you for reading,
Red Wortham
Red Wortham Red Wortham for Sheriff
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