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Wortham at Work in the CommunityI am running for the office of Washington County Sheriff in the May 19, 2020 election. This is the first time in far too long you have had a choice on the ballot for county sheriff. Historically, your sheriffs have used a tactic of quietly passing the office to a chosen insider in the year prior to election. This allows a sheriff, not selected by the people, to enjoy the advantages of incumbency.

I encourage voters this election to ask the incumbent if he promises to fulfill his 4 year term. I contend that he fully intends to serve only a partial term, followed by a quiet stepping down and handing the office to a groomed insider not selected by vote as was done for him in 2011. The office of sheriff is the only area in law enforcement where you, the people, have the right and privilege to select your leader, and thus demand accountability and follow through of policy positions and promises. I commit to breaking the practice of stripping the people of Washington County of their right to choose its law enforcement leader. I will serve my entire term and be accountable to the voters at the next election, as our democratic system was designed.

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Washington County has long celebrated its status as a vibrant diverse community serving as an economic engine in the State of Oregon. As the second most populous county in the state, Washington County proudly celebrates itself as the most diverse county, hosting some of the largest employers in the region, and having one of the highest levels of education attainment. These and many other factors contribute to robust communities and high livability ratings. Our county continues to grow in population at a rate higher than neighboring Multnomah County. As we continue to grow, we have seen an increase in the social problems that plague the largest cities across the nation to include drug addiction, homelessness, and disparities reducing family stability.

It is time to modernize your law enforcement leadership in Washington County!Your government in Washington County has largely been run by leaders who have enjoyed placement based on insider relationships, family ties, and quiet appointments within departments. However, in recent years, Washington County voters have demonstrated the need to modernize its government representation, overturning some long held county positions to include two positions on the Board of Commissioners. It is now time for voters to have a choice in their law enforcement leadership. I am asking for your vote as the next County Sheriff, an office that has been filled by men from the same cloth for over 175 years (Election Integrity in Washington County).

We are in exciting times in Washington County as we see a growth in representation that reflects the people of our county. Red Wortham commits to continuing this trend as your next Sheriff. Take control of your choice for Sheriff on May 19, 2020.

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Red Wortham
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